Monday, June 25, 2012

Citrus Pork and Roasted Vegetables

I had too many carrots and potatoes to go in the roaster with the meatloaf I made for the picnic Friday, so on Sunday I made a marinated pork roast using the rest of the vegetables.

Ready for roasting
I threw some of Wildtree's Lemon Rosemary Blend (about 2 Tablespoons) and Wildtree's Dill Dip Blend (about 1 Tablespoon) in a gallon plastic storage bag. I added about a tablespoon of Red Wine Vinegar and a splash Wildtree's Zesty Lemon Grapeseed Oil. I put the pork loin in the bag and marinated that overnight. The next morning, I placed it in the roaster and added the carrots and potatoes, making sure they were covered with the marinade as well. Then I squeezed a fresh lemon over it all and slow-roasted it for several hours. I served the sliced loin with Wildtree's Outrageous Orange Sauce and the vegetable were fabulous with the seasonings from the marinade. The pink peppercorns in the Lemon Rosemary Blend make this dish really stand out. As always, to learn more about all-natural, preservative-free Wildtree, visit my Wildtree page.

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