Monday, May 17, 2010

Mall Walking Disaster

So this blog is supposed to be about food, right? Well, kind've. But it's also about taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle and I did that today, or at least I tried.

I am trying to establish routine exercise and one way I do that is by walking. Typically, I have our son in his stroller and our dog on a leash and we briskly walk (and sometimes meander) through the streets of our small town. But today it was raining.

In a moment of brilliancy and dedication to my cause, I decided to take son and stroller to the mall for several laps. I have never been a "mall walker" and was completely unprepared for the traps that laid wait.

We entered the doors next to Auntie Ann's Pretzels! First big mistake. The mall had just opened for the morning and the ovens were baking the salty, yeasty, puffy, crusty treats and the heavenly aroma permeated the entire east end of the mall.

Determined not to succumb to my screaming senses and walked purposefully forward. My next entrapment was stopping to admire the skinny jeans that would have looked so good on me, oh, maybe six sizes ago. Then the bookstore coffee shop, and finally, Victoria's Secret! The sign out front read "Hello Bombshell." I couldn't stop the mental tirade towards the perfectly shaped models that followed and comforted myself with the obvious... "The flaws on the women are airbrushed out!" "They are fakes!" "Oh yeah? Well I used to be a bombshell too!"

I continued walking, reassuring myself that post-baby bodies are intertwined with the sacrifices of motherhood. My identity is not measured in pounds or clothing sizes. My life is much more than "perfect bras" and fashion statements.When I passed the sign the second time around and read, "Hello Bombshell," I said to the model, "Why thank you very much" and my son and I went and ate a freshly-baked pretzel.

*Note: The pretzel was my "naughty" food for the day. I shared it with my son and we drank water instead of the sweet tangy lemonade that I much prefer. Dinner tonight will be "Vegetarian Taco Salad." (And no, I am not a vegetarian, by any stretch of the imagination. Just trying to cut out red meat a little bit.)

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