Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bathing suit debacle

Clothing hides a LOT! I found that out today when I tried on a plethora of bathing suits. I thought I was being liberal when I chose the sizes and I picked out a lot of different styles that I thought might work. But alas, I was unsuccessful in finding something suitable.

My first clue that I was going to walk away disappointed and depressed was when I tried on the first one and could hardly hoist it past my thighs. Each one from there on out only inflicted more insecurities. I tried one-pieces and tankinies (even I wouldn't want to see myself in a real bikini). The one-pieces either revealed every abdominal roll (I think they might have even created rolls just to make me feel bad) or I poured out at the top and for the tankinies either the bottoms worked and the tops didn't, or vice versa.

So maybe I need to crank it up a notch and forget the baby steps in my "getting fit" goals! I think I'm going more for toddler steps today. So look out summer and pool season, I am on a mission and I will sport a bathing suit and a few short weeks without shame.

Dinner tonight is Seasoned baked Salmon and asparagus with Tuscan grapeseed oil.

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