Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Steps

So maybe I don't get hardcore exercise yet, but I am sticking to my walk/run routine. I comfort myself by saying, "I may not be at the gym, but at least I am not sitting on the couch or in front of the computer." I also consider the fact that I am pushing a baby stroller with a toddler inside (even though he is a peanut) and trying to hold back a 90-100 pound dog that wants to eat or play with every other dog we pass along the way. That, my friends, has to help burn calories. We even walked in sprinkling rain this evening.

And as far as food and eating habits go, I have been trying to train myself before I take a bite to stop and think about what I'm doing. "Am I really hungry?" "Is this a healthy choice?" "Is is really worth it?"

Sometimes, yes, it IS worth it! Two bites of delectable strawberry cheesecake left here by our friends can be my compromise. I'm enjoying some "naughty" food, but not consuming two slices at one time like I would like to do. 

I'm getting there - its all about baby steps!

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