Monday, July 16, 2012

Best Butter Trick Ever!

Eeek! Butter?! Really? Actually, yes. Besides Grapeseed oil; butter and lard are staple ingredients in my kitchen. I have much less fear of using pure animal fat or a pure dairy product than I do processed chemicals without the fat. So, if butter is in your refrigerator too, you won't want to miss this trick!

Soften a stick of butter (or 1/4 cup of your homemade butter.)
Add a few teaspoons of grated lemon zest
I also added a teaspoon of Wildtree's Dill Dip Blend
Roll up in wax paper and put back in fridge to harden
Cut off slices and put on top of your cooked favorite vegetable or meat to make its own sauce or rub on steak, chicken or other meat and grill!

I sauteed zucchini and summer squash in this butter and it was oh so delicious!  

(I also did this with Wildtree's Chipotle Lime Rub and we rolled our sweet corn in it! YUM!!!)

You can use any combination of fruit zests and seasoning blends.

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