Monday, July 12, 2010

How NOT to make dinner

So this evening was one of those disasters, but not because the food didn't taste good. I had hamburger browning on the stove top for hamburger gravy (you know, that old-fashioned dish that could feed an army for real cheap,) and I placed a big pot of potatoes on the back burner. I turned the burner on high to get the potatoes boiling because the intent was to have mashed potatoes and hamburger gravy for supper.

Well... I walked upstairs for a minute, came back down and was standing next to the stove when an empty 9X13 glass pan (also on the stove top) exploded right next to me. It sounded like a gun shot. I almost crumpled to the floor, but there was glass everywhere so I refrained. Of course our 22-month-old son and the family dog came running to see what was up. I had turned on the wrong burner for the potatoes and instead turned on the one under the empty glass dish.

I ended up throwing out the food because there were glass shards in everything. Instead of hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes, we had egg and cheese sandwiches with fresh garden tomatoes on homemade whole wheat bread with homemade basil pesto mayo. Not bad for not even having a plan B.

Next time I'll think twice about which bottom I'm lighting a fire under!

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